Glastonbury Festival Style… and Festival Fashion Tips

Alice Dellal

Jessie J, even with a broken leg still managed to hold on to her fashion queen thrown!

Kate Moss & Jaime Winston

Kate Moss, with only one week to go before  she’ll walk down the aisle, was rockin’ some python print pants, a Balmain leather jacket and a Khaki t-shirt.

Jaime Winston sported a fun but not particularly flattering onesie… and an awesome Love Bullet necklace

Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Jacquetta Wheeler, Lily Donaldson

The London Fashion set were out in force at Glastonbury last weekend and rocking some seriously stylish festival looks.  Mulberry Satchel bags, Elton John-esque round sunglasses and of course Hunter Wellies  were the order of the day!

Alice Dellal, Cara Delevigne, Poppy Delevigne, Pixie Geldof

Although sad to have missed yet another Glastonbury Festival, I got pretty excited about Festival Fashion and decided to round-up some of my favourite festival looks and give some top tips to getting it right.

Sienna Miller always gets it right at a festival.  She started two huge trends after wearing that Moroccan Disc belt in ’05 and those Vivienne Westwood slouch pirate boots in ’06.

Kate Moss seen here at Glastonbury ’05 is repeatly voted the most stylish festival goer particularly for these two looks.  The shorter the better when it comes to her hot pants but always balanced with a modest top.  She sticks to a rock star palette of leather, denim, khaki and metalics set off with tousled tresses and Hunters of course!

Rihanna at Coachella

Pixie Lott in Prada at the Isle of Wight Festival

Top 10 Tips for getting it right at a Festival:

  1. Stay Festival Fresh with Batiste Dry Shampoo
  2. Use Tea Tree Face wipes for an extra Festival Fresh feeling.
  3. Decant all your booze into plastic bottles before you get there.
  4. Stock up on H2O… and don’t mix it up with your booze first thing in the morning!
  5. Bring lots of socks –  Sports socks work best inside Wellies.
  6. Bring black sacks. They always come in handy, especially if you want to keep your muddy wellies in the tent at night.
  7. Check your tent before you get there.  It’s never fun to realise your brother left out the rain cover… or the pegs!
  8. Bring lots of toilet paper and tissue!
  9. Carry cash, sunscreen and make sure to charge your phone.
  10. If you’re taking a car, check your oil before you go, don’t leave any lights on and pop out to it and start the engine at some point over the weekend.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of cars that need to get jump started on the Monday after festivals.

And in terms of style…

  • It’s a festival… HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DRESS SENSE!
  •  Dress up… or even let loose on glitter or feathers
  • Leather, Khaki, Metalics, Parka’s, Neon, Fringing, Sequins, Sunglases, Hats, Scarves, Ponchos all work especially well.  Get creative!
  • Layer up! It gets cold in the evening and can be hot in the dance tents so make sure you can disrobe gracefully.
  • Think of what you need to have with you: phone, money, sunglases and keep them in either a satchel bag that you can swing a jumper over or use a bum bag/fanny pack!

Photos by Alistair Guy and Mr Newton

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